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Children Growing Up in LiverpooL


Improving the health and wellbeing of children and their families

The Children Growing Up in Liverpool (C-GULL) Study is a groundbreaking research project aimed at improving health outcomes for families in the Liverpool City Region. The study will follow the lives of 10,000 first-born babies and their families, from early pregnancy through childhood and beyond. This is the first large-scale birth cohort study of its kind in the region, and it has the potential to make a significant impact on our understanding of complex health issues.

Please watch our animation to find out more about the C-GULL study.

The C-GULL study is a partnership between the University of Liverpool, Wellcome Trust, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Liverpool City Council, and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The study is based at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and will be delivered by a wide range of organisations. The information gathered through C-GULL will help researchers, clinicians, and policymakers to understand more about the early life origins of health and wellbeing.

People who are pregnant with their first pregnancy and have booked for their maternity care to be provided by Liverpool Women’s Hospital are eligible to participate in the study. The study will collect extensive biological, biometric, socio-demographic, and psychosocial information at multiple points throughout the pregnancy and the child's first two years of life. Innovative data collection methods will be used to assess a range of areas, including child development, family structure, physical and mental health, and the home environment.

Thinking of taking part?

Participation in C-GULL will provide parents and their first-born child with additional health checks and support during pregnancy and childhood. It will also help to create a valuable resource for future research that will benefit families both locally and globally. With the involvement of some of the top institutions in the field, the C-GULL study is poised to make a real difference in our understanding of the early life origins of health and wellbeing.

We invite you to learn more about the C-GULL study and consider participating to help improve the health outcomes of families in the Liverpool City Region.

If you would like to take part, or are considering participating in the C-GULL study and want to find out more, please follow the relevant link below to find out more.

Taking part

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C-GULL Study based in the Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre
Ground Floor
Liverpool Women's Hospital
Crown Street, L8 7SS

The C-GULL Study is funded through a Wellcome Trust Longitudinal and Population Study Award (Reference: 217067/Z/19/Z), targeted at providing support to researchers who want to establish, maintain or enhance Longitudinal Population Studies for the benefit of the wider scientific community.

Enhancement funding is provided by matched funding from the University of Liverpool. The civic-owned data resource is supported by the Civic Data Co-operative.

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